Started working on a stealth startup in global migration space. Details soon.
Organizing free cardiac health camps across Punjab in partnership with 5 rivers heart foundation.
Co-founded a non-profit - Team We Care, which helps international students and immigrants with settlement services.
Took a step back from Urbanlogiq executive team. Starting a sabbatical year to pause and explore, after 5 years of building a startup from ground up.
Urbanlogiq client City of San José Department of Transportation Receives APA Smart City Merit Award for Data-Driven Innovation.
Urbanlogiq builds transportation safety and Indigenous land negotiation platforms for Government of British Columbia.
UrbanLogiq Takes Home City Innovation Prize.
Urbanlogiq develops a demo platform for GM, and lands a mention in Forbes.
Accepted into Silicon Valley based 500 Startup accelerator.
Urbanlogiq's First Hire
Helped put together a data hackathon for Fraser Health Authority.
Communitylogiq renamed to Urbanlogiq and lands second paying client.
Communitylogiq lands its first client - City of San Francisco.
Moving to Gov Tech

Started working on a Govtech platform - along with three other non-tech co-founders.
Gov Tech Companies Are Finding a Business Model /

Civic Tech

Built - an online matchmaking tool connecting refugees with non-profits and citizens.
Want to help refugees, but don't know how? There's an app for that / Vancitybuzz

Yale University

Got accepted to Yale University's Global Pre-MBA Leadership Program.
Takeaways From the Global Pre-MBA Leadership Program

The Turban Club

Launched The Turban Club - an ethnic fashion e-commerce company focussed on turbaned men.

Founded Pippal Labs - a tech consultancy

• Founded Pippal Labs, an information, technology, and web design firm based in MetroVancouver, as a vehicle to seriously explore tech entrepreneurship.
• Launched The Turban Club - an ethnic fashion e-commerce company focussed on turbaned men.
• Built - an online tool connecting refugees with non-profits and citizens.
• Built modern web platforms for political campaigns, ethnic grocery delivery company, an e-commerce company, a student media centre and TV channels.

Joined Lighthouse Labs and built curriculum for Canada's largest programming bootcamp. Over the course of an year and a half, trained hundreds of students, that now empower Vancouver's tech scene.
Co-founded Idea Broadcasting Corporation - IDEA 107.7 FM - and competed for a CRTC licensed and a Vancouver based commercial FM radio station.

- Radio wars: B.C. stations vie for coveted licenses /

Got an offer to join Apple. Ran into H1B visa wall. Took a leave of absence from PhD and headed to Canada. Started working for University of British Columbia.
A supremacist opened fire in a Wisconsin Gurduara. Coordinated multi-community solidarity vigils against hatred and fear in three cities in American South. Was able to convince a Mississippi congressman to sign a letter to the FBI to track hate crimes against Sikhs.
Got invited to Sikh Coalition Advocate Academy - conducted by a national civil rights organization in Washington DC.

Promoting Civil Rights Nationwide: Meet the Sikh Coalition Advocates

Completed PhD coursework and qualifier exams. Status - ABD.
Started a podcast.

Started Vehdaa - a bilingual, web only magazine and podcast featuring a collection of interviews of the residents and the diaspora.

Presented a paper at Stanford University.
Competed in a business school competition along with two PhD co-founders. Prototyped a mobile to mobile money transanstion system, without the need for Near Field Communication technology.
Attended Web 2.0 Expo Conference in New York. First exposure to entrepreneurship.
Writing goes viral

My post-debate take on the experience of being the only turban-wearing Sikh at the first US presidential debate, is published in a Canadian magazine and goes viral. I get invited to a film festival in Toronto as a critic! Love the vibe of Great White North!

Participated in the historic first Obama-McCain presidential debate.
University of Mississippi

Manager of Media Technology

Managed a convergent newsroom with a revolving staff of 200 students, serving a daily TV newscast, an FTC-licensed 24-hour commercial radio station, a daily newspaper, and publication websites. Developed a CMS for the University News Portal.

Graduated with Masters degree. Started PhD in Computer Science.
Taught a sophomore class at a University for the first time - Computer Organization and Assembly Language programming.
Mississippi Super Computing Research Center

Graphed Supercomputer Cluster Performance

Built a system performance dashboard using MRTG and SNMP as a graduate assistant with the University of Mississippi's Department of Super-computing Research. Used Perl to automate data collection on cluster nodes.

Published my first academic paper at the Mississippi Academy of Sciences.
Hurricane Katrina

Volunteered to go to Mississippi Coast to help clean up after Hurricane Katrina. Reported stories of struggles and triumph. Ran into a US president visiting the coast.

Graduate School

Hello United States!

Started graduate school on a full scholarship. Go Rebels!

Came back to Panjab. Taught as Linux faculty. Worked in a call-center. Got offered a news TV show. Started preparing for grad school.
Digital Branding of a Bollywood Movie

Dhoop, the Movie

Programmed website for a movie Dhoop. Built during internship at Synapse.

Panjabi/Gurmukhi l10n & i18n

Punjabi Open Source Group

Involved in localization projects on and off since 2003. Contributed to Unicode Common Locale Data Repository, Debian translations, Firefox testing, and refined version 2 of Jhelum keyboard layout. Created the first iOS Panjabi native keyboard before Apple released one.
Top 5 iOS apps for the Punjabi Millennial
Reddit - Humble request to make a iOS 8 third party keyboard!

Punjab Tourism

Rebranding Panjab Tourism

Worked on re-branding Punjab Tourism for Government of Punjab. Worked on creating a website and a touch screen information kiosk during an internship at Synapse. These kiosks were installed across the state - Delhi Airport, Wagha Border, Amritsar Railway station, and Sheesh Mehal, Patiala. The project went on to receive an Indian national award in e-governance.

Became a Wanderer Fellow at Synapse. Moved to Goa - a small coastal state 2000km away.
Studied Computer Engineering at SSIET. Moved to Chandigarh.
High School days, Panjab. Got introduced to theatre.
Boarding School in The Himalayas. Started training to be a musician.
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