There is two types of ignorance and stupidity.

  • Ignorance due to virtue - Commonly observed among people less exposed to education and/or information about the world around. Such ignorance is not just to be pitied upon, but one should try to help them see the world they have not been exposed to them.
  • Acquired ignorance and developed stupidity - You find this often in highly educated but religiously, regionally and racially unbalanced, un-secular and aligned top brass. And like many other fields of hypocrisy, we Indians have an edge over it.

My simple blog post on Firefox 3 in Punjabi attracted an example of the second kind.

A comment to the post was this:

You son of a ****……..still u ppl r not indians….u still think of a separate state..khalistan…….i never heard any gujuu saying that we have firefox in gujarati…..we ppl gave u shelter and instead of showing gratitude , u r showing attitude……In dia is a land of many religions, states, ppl…so let it be….ppl like u always try to break it…ur community is not bad, even u had some great ppl..and i respect them but because of ppl like u whole community has to suffer…Wat u know abt hindi..hindi is one of the most ancient language and scientific too…wat punjabi is -its a weird form of hindi

Now I have tried to get my head around what was this guy is offended at? Not having Firefox in Hindi or for me taking pride in my own mother tongue?

And guess what? And who is this guy? One of my colleagues from my University’s Pharmacy department. He used a wrong email address while commenting on my blog, used a handle name “Manoj Mishra”.

How stupid? Stupid enough to not know that any website you visit, you leave digital footprints:). A thief who can’t hide! A “Patriotic” Indian, who could not even face his own words!!! What a shame! I’ll allow him his shame and not reveal his real identity here.

But here is my public answer to the patriot on his comments.

My friend, Thanks for the words, but I don’t need them.

Lord Budha said, “if you don’t keep other person’s words they become his”. So here they are! YOURS to keep!

But wait let me return the words to you with some added ingredients!

I never mentioned Khalistan. It was just a simple post about what we achieved in Punjabi i18n group. We a group of 13 achieved a milestone in our mother toungue and shared it with others. A browser on an OS in Punjabi would help village folk, illiterate in English to work on a computer.

If Hindi users could not make this achievement, I’m sure there are hundred others that hindi-speaking users have achieved that we have not. I’m always happy when any Indian or for that mater any languages does anything to give back to his/her people who can’t read/write english.

Coming to religious fiction that you mentioned, I don’t support a tiny fraction of former Punjab as “Khalistan”, for share of sacrifices we gave for free India. Sikhs don’t want 2 % of India for their sacrifices contributed 73% - 80% for fight of Indian Independence. Sikhs want equal rights in Free India, same rights that the constitution provides to any majority.

Straighten your facts: (Figures below provided by Maulana Abul Azad, President of the Congress Party at the time of Independence.)

Out of 2125 Indians killed in the atrocities by the British, 1550 (73%) were Sikhs. Out of 2646 Indians deported for life to the Andaman Islands (where the British exiled political and hardened criminals) 2147 (80%) were Sikhs. Out of 127 Indians sent to the gallows, 92 (72%) were Sikhs.

So basically you did not give us shelter (btw, were you even born at that time?), but maybe the sacrifice of my Sikh elders provided your forefathers a place to give birth to you.

I am a global citizen. See the banner on the top (maybe you need an eye check) - It says the world is my backyard. With American education, the world is my playground. So I’m thousands miles away from regionalism. However, I definitely would love to give back to all cultures and societies that shaped me and my career.

Even if today I start supporting some XYZ-stan, I would do so as a free man. I’m free of all shackles, I’m not a coward. I write under my own name rather than hiding like a coward behind a screen name.

So next time, you want to write - gather some f#(%!ng courage. Or just visit my office, it is just two blocks away!

And trust me, I love Hindi! My best line for you would be this: ज़ियादा लगी कि थोड़ी और मिर्ची लाऊँ? 😉