July 4th and I’m heading to Canada to see my siblings. I haven’t seen my eldest sister and her family in years. The day is sunny and beautiful. At the moment of writing this post, we are flying over Tennessee.

While checking in at Memphis airport, I was asked by the security officer that I needed to step out for additional checking. No scanners beeped, no other reasons, except from the obvious fact that I was wearing a turban.

It was one of the few moments in the last three years that I have been in the United States, that I felt that congress still makes racist laws. I wonder why TSA does not check for a women’s bra or men’s undergarments, if the sole concern is that some chemical might be hidden in the layer of clothes. Why target only turbans? Simple - Because congress has been known to use scare tactics throughout the US history.

My take on the whole thing -

  1. Dumb politicians and religious zealots responsible for selecting them exist in every country - doesn’t matter how democratic it is.
  2. Patriotism is used often as a disguise for racism and regionalism.
  3. Few random incidents should not change your opinion about anything or anyone.

I still believe US is one of the most free nations in the world - definitely more than India is. And I hope to retain this view unless something happens that drastically changes it.