Today was the last day of Rails Conference. I attended a session on active record and another on what not to do in rails.

The main event of the day was keynotes by the core team. DHH got standing ovation from the crowd before he left early to catch his plane.

Core Keynote

This has been one of the good conferences I have been to in a while. Inspiring, knowledgeable and mind opening. Mingling with so many hackers and entrepreneurs was fun and will act as a reality check on where I am heading and should be heading.

Later in the evening, Shabbir Merchant and I both had rest of the day to check the city. We went to eat at an Indian place, roamed around the city and checked out the largest bookstore in the world. Found a complete section on each - India, Punjab and Sikhism.

As I was checking out, I met Chad Fowler, the author of “My Job went to India”. As I said hello, he asked “Are you a Punjabi?” Of course! ;)

Chad Fowler

Portland looks beautiful and young outside my window.

Portland at Night