About Arvinder Singh

I'm Arvinder Singh - a technologist, and an entrepreneur, currently living in Vancouver, Canada.

I co-founded Urbanlogiq, a Government data analytics software company with three other friends. As its Chief Technical Officer for about four years, I built a technical team and products featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, Harvard Smart Cities Accelerator, Qatar Foundation Annual Research Conference, US State Department, and the World Bank. During this time, Urbanlogiq was selected for 500 Startup venture fund, TELUS Technology Accelerator and was an invitee to Creative Destruction Lab.

For over a decade, I had a unique career path in software, higher education, journalism, and civil rights advocacy. I co-founded Team We Care - one of the prominent international student advocacy and settlement support organizations in Canada. As a civil rights advocate, I convinced a US House of Representative to back a bipartisan call to FBI to track hate Crime. I was also part of the delegation invited to the White House for its first-ever briefing on Sikh civil rights issues in 2012.

I believe in the power of bringing technology, design, and people together to empower societies.


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